Photographer Noémie Tshinanga is a visual thinker in its truest form. Inspired by music and aesthetic, she offers snapshots of the hidden moments that make

Through iterative and interdisciplinary practices, Taja Lindley creates socially engaged artwork that is able to reflect and transform its audience, shift culture and inspire people

Epaul Julien is a self-taught artist and native of New Orleans who captures life through various mediums, including mixed media, paint and photography. In the


Grant Levy-Lucero’s Pedigree is on display at New York’s White Columns until November 2, 2019. Made up of 15 ceramic ‘vessels’, as Levy-Lucero calls them,

From now until March 22, 2020, Awol Erizku’s work will be shown in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in the group exhibition, Desire: A

Kandis Williams is featured in These Creatures, a group show that takes an intersectional approach to the display of femininity and the commodification of the

Nick Cave’s Until is on view at Glasgow’s Tramway. The massive exhibit features several sculptures that are arranged in a way that creates an immersive

Hank Willis Thomas’ All Things Being Equal… is opening at the Portland Art Museum on October 12th, 2019. The interdisciplinary exhibit features more than 90

SCAD Museum of Art has dedicated a group exhibit to the legacy of Frederick Douglass and its relevance to the modern day. The exhibit attempts

Sayre Gomez’s X-Scapes is on display at François Ghebaly until November 3rd. Gomez’s 3rd solo exhibition with the gallery explores the imagery of Los Angeles

On October 3, 2019, Shulamit Nazarian Los Angeles is opening The Procession in New York’s Lower East Side. The exhibit is Shulamit Nazarian’s New York